Don’t say it. Wear it.

Making sure that the woman is the undisputed star of a thrilling and amazing story, this is the goal that our company has set from the beginning.

The luxury is mixed with the style of the garments  and  it turns into a delicate glamor.

Creativity, research and communication are our strengths.

Our inspiration is inside our dreams, needs and expectations of different generations. For this reason we constantly analyze the latest trends, to convert them into a perfect look for any occasion.

AMY GEE is a brand born in 2008 and has expanded itself all around the world thanks to its unique, contemporary style. These are the markets  tha Amy Gee covers:  Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus and Russia.

Thanks to a large team  and fashion experts, within a decade, AMY GEE has reached nearly 6,000 resellers, who have made and make alive the dream of being able to be free and creative.

We want our leaders do feel FREE to tell one side of their identity.

We want  that you become part of us… part of our history.


Customer care:
PH: +39 081 193 13 362